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My name is Cristian Mariuta, and I am a certified and insured personal fitness trainer in West Hollywood, California. I have been training clients since 2003, and during the time that has passed, I have had the privilege to train people from all walks of life, each of them with their own health issues and fitness goals. Fitness is both my profession and passion, and it would bring me great satisfaction to share my knowledge and experience with you.

I presume that if you are reading this page, you have decided to move from thinking about fitness training to actually doing it. Well, please step into my office, and regardless of your health situation or the fitness goals you may have, as a fitness trainer, my objective is to ensure that you will become a fitter, stronger, and healthier individual.

Moreover, I will do my best to help you achieve your fitness goals regardless of your current health, age, and fitness condition. You must do your best, as well. Realistically, you will only workout with me a few hours a week, which means that what you accomplish in-between your workouts (diet and rest), is as important as what you achieve during the workouts. In both instances, you will need to be consistent and disciplined. In addition, do your best to maintain a positive mental attitude inside and outside the gym.

Thank you for taking the time to read the aforementioned, and I am looking forward to assisting you with all of your fitness goals.

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Cristian Mariuta