recI have been training with Cristian Mariuta for a few years now. Thanks to Cristian, I am reaching my fitness goals.

Cristian clearly explains and demonstrates proper technique for each exercise and monitors my progress by tracking strength gains.

He is incredibly knowledgeable at all levels of fitness.

He works hard to motivate and encourage me to reach my goals of being fit and healthy.

I look forward to every work out with Cristian!


– David Berman


I’ve been training with Cristian Mariuta at Train West Hollywood for 10 months now. I absolutely love Train, the staff, the environment, but especially Cristian. I initially started with Cristian because I had a knee surgery and needed to do physical therapy to strengthen my knee. He coached me through my recovery and trained me according to my abilities, but also pushed me enough to get a good workout in. In only a month post surgery, my knee was recovered 100%.”

“I continued to train with Cristian because he is a fun trainer that will push you and test your limits. He trains me in circuit workouts, which keeps my heart rate high, he changes my routines every month to ensure that I don’t get bored with workouts. He also gives me advice on how to eat properly and which supplements to take.”

“I would say Cristian Mariuta is hands down one of the best trainers I have worked with (and I have had many). He himself embodies a healthy lifestyle which also encourages you to live one as well. I have lost over 11 pounds and close to 10% body fat. Give him a try and I promise you won’t be disappointed. ”

~ Angela Kutnerian


“Six years ago I was a mess! Fat, bad knees, back problems and weak. The results that I had experienced and still experience from working out with Cristian Mariuta are FANTASTIC. I really owe it to Cristian’s professionalism.”

~ Irv Bonios


“I have been training with Cristian for almost four years and I could not be more pleased. He is a true professional and is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of bodybuilding, including nutrition and diet. Cristian has always encouraged me to expand my expectations and set new goals. I never lifted weights before I met Cristian. Now I cannot imagine working out without them.”

~ Joe Mastandrea


“Unlike many trainers I’ve seen in other gyms, Cristian’s total focus is on me as a client; every move, 100% of the time. As a result of this I haven’t had any injuries and have seen great improvement in strength over the past four years.”

~ John Schleif


“I have worked out with Cristian for over five years now and the results have been great. He is always taking me to new levels, both physically and mentally. He keeps a record of the routines I do and changes them periodically to keep me interested and motivated. Mentally, he has taught me how to focus which has helped me in my sport activities outside the gym. Cristian is a professional in every way, dedicated to his clients and helping them to reach the goals they want to achieve.”

~ Bill Selby


“I have been working out with Cristian Mariuta for about four years, and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to get a total body workout. Cristian has a keen sense on what your body can do and he works with it to make you feel that the time you spend with him is worth it.”

~ Steven Deluca


“Being physically active is something that has been a growing part of my life for the past decade and it is incredibly refreshing when you find a trainer who not only shares that but also strives to enhance you. Cristian Mariuta is not only incredibly dedicated to his clients but is also 100% focused on them, an attribute that is rare to find in many trainers today. He is able to work with your goals and needs as well as help you create a nutritional regimen to elevate them. There is nothing better than having a personal trainer who stands by you in order to achieve the goals you set personally for yourself.”

~ Luis Pena


“Even though I have only been training with Cristian Mariuta for a few months, I have noticed a huge improvement in my workout, with increased muscle size and reduced fat. While working out with Cristian, I observed that the majority of other trainers just stand by counting the reps for their clients. Not Cristian. He concentrates on every rep I do, making sure it is done correctly. As a result, even after suffering from a slipped disk, I have had no back problems whatsoever while managing to significantly increase the amount of weight I can lift. Thanks to Cristian, I am in a much better shape than I was just three months ago.”

~ Paul P.